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Wake the Witch Now Available on Netflix!

October 6, 2011

UE signed a three year licensing deal with Netflix. Wake the Witch will be available for streaming only in SD and HD. UE would like to thank the Bosko Group and Gravitas Ventures for brokering the deal.

Wake the Witch Available Worldwide on iTunes

July 15, 2011

Wake the Witch is now available world wide. Eagle One Distribution brokered the deal with iTunes to bring the movie to all English speaking countries. Thanks, Eagle One!

Rent Wake the Witch at Hastings Book Stores

December 4, 2010

Wake the Witch is now available for rent at Hastings stores across the Northwest and Midwest.

Here’s a sweet pic of it in the Kearney, NE Hastings.  To find a Hastings store near you visit

Wake the Witch DVD on shelf

Wake the Witch at Eagle Hollow Haunts

October 13, 2010

Meet the cast and crew of Wake the Witch!!!   Friday, October 29th, from 7pm to 9:30pm, Stefanie Tapio (Deb), Karis Yanike (Karen), Dorothy Booraem (director) and more will be at Eagle Hollow Haunts to sign autographs, photos and DVDs of Wake the Witch.

Wake the Witch was shot in Lincoln, NE and is available online at and Netflix. called it “a genuine tale…legitimate scares!”

Eagle Hollow Haunts provides an entire evening of FEAR for one low price.  Your ticket gives you access to The Grid, a brutal, post-apocalyptic gauntlet, Luminon, a lush and beautiful 3D alien world where evil lurks in the shadows, PLUS full concessions, adult beverages, firepits and additional attractions to keep you entertained all night.

Eagle Hollow Haunts is located at 617 S. 238th Street, just a few miles east of Eagle, NE on E. O Street/US-34.  Tickets are $15 for both haunted houses or $5 to hang out without touring the haunts.  Open from 7PM to Midnight – Fridays/Saturdays.  Ticket sales end at 11PM.

Directions to EHH from Lincoln:  Take US-34 E/East O Street east towards Eagle, NE.  Pass the town of Eagle.  Turn right at South 238th Street.

Directions to EHH from Omaha: Take I-80 West for about 30 miles, turn off on Exit 420 for NE-63 toward Greenwood.  Turn left at NE-63 S/238th Street, go straight for about 11 miles.  Cross US-34/E. O Street.

Wake the Witch DVD US Release

August 18, 2010

Wake the Witch has a U.S. DVD release date: September 28th!  It will be available on, and more.  Rate, Review and Pre-order your copy today!

That’s a Wrap!

November 26, 2008

Principle shooting was completed Sunday the 23rd of November!  There was screaming, running around and picture taking.  The basement of Bison was completely struck and if anyone went down there Monday, they would never even know we were there.

The week prepping for the final shoot was spent at Jared’s again getting some of the set polished up.  Shooting both Saturday and Sunday took place in the basement of Bison Welding where the set was completely dressed with cob webs and metal scraping everywhere.  The whole set was wonderfully done.  Lights were out the entire time and the murky basement helped create an atmosphere suitable for the acting.

Chad mentioned a slight nervousness for the final shooting, but everything went very smoothly.  Sunday utilized the newly acquired green screen suits.  Yours truly was one selected to wear such an absurd costume.  Dillon, Joel and I had a great time in the suits and, after seeing some pictures, agree it turned out great.

So I have spent about the last three months blogging for Wake the Witch.  I often stood near the sidelines taking things in, watching relationships form and documenting an independent film through production, the job of a blogger.  Inevitably, I have been pulled deeper into this project than I originally anticipated.  I have met some wonderful people and I hope assisted in the minor ways that I was able to.  I have had so much fun and challenge anyone to work on a project like this with people like this and do otherwise.  This was a wonderful experience and I wish everyone luck with future filmmaking endeavors!

I cannot wait to see this film!

Week 10 – Against the Wall

November 12, 2008

The witch and the witch wall were completed during the week over in Jared’s garage.  We spent Saturday hauling everything over to the basement of Bison Welding where the final scenes are to be filmed.  The haul required three trucks and plenty of planning to make sure nothing was left behind.  Of course we were able to have some fun as the witch rode shotgun in Greg’s car to the horrified stares of passer-byers.

The rest of the day was spent in the basement building and dressing the set.  The objective was to get everything set up Saturday afternoon so filming could take place Sunday morning.  We only catch a glimpse of the witch and wall in Sunday shooting so details of set decoration are going to be finished this week.

Sunday we filmed two scenes through the basement with Stefanie.  A horror film is just being asked to be filmed down here the crew joked.  Giant steel bars and contraptions with old crumbling brick walls and stone floors made up the basement.

With Sunday completed, there is only one weekend left before production is finished.  Planning special effects were the object of much of the conversations as Chad made an executive decision that he is more than thrilled about.  The anticipation and excitement for next weekend runs thick through the cast and crew.

Week 9 – In the Bedroom

November 6, 2008

It’s the weekend after Halloween and we got Saturday off to rest, recuperate and relax.  Chad was able to review some footage and found the first tape glitch of production.  Luckily, only one scene was affected and can be easily reshot this next weekend.

Sunday, we started in the evening and began by sharing all our Halloween stories and describing some of the costumes we saw and/or wore.  Since this is a horror film, one can only assume Halloween is a shared interest among the cast and crew.  You may assume correctly.

We were almost exclusively in Deb’s bedroom at Dorothy’s house trying to cram as many bodies, cameras, cranes and dolly tracks into a room that only allows for a few of these things.  After the long weekend, though, frustration was far from the set and the mood was light, and filled with jokes.

Production is nearly done and there are only a small fraction of scenes left utilizing the talented make-up artist, Rose, and some craftily made special effect sets.  The final witch wall is in the works and will be completed in a few weeks.  Keep a look out for the closing weeks.

Week 8 – Cigarettes and Rock Stars

October 30, 2008

brent-and-debHell weekend is over and “we are a good three fourths through shooting,” said Chad this weekend.  “If it wasn’t for nicotine and energy drinks, I couldn’t do this,” he said about the 17 hour Saturday, 14 hour Sunday and 8 hour Monday.  Weekends get shorter from here on out which is a relief for everyone.

Saturday was unique in that the entire day was spent in a small apartment rented for the weekend.  Keep your eye out for the secret Dalí poster.  It was certainly deliberate.  Caffeine and energy drinks were dispersed early in the morning in preparation.  Jeremy Gillmore spent most of the weekend in Lincoln playing Brent, Mark’s roommate and Deb’s new interest.  Jeremy (Happy) has ample experience in theatre and was eager for filming.

slatingSunday was another long day spent at several different places.  And of course, the infamous make-out scene was completed Sunday night.  Monday was a return to Dorothy’s house.  Special effects are slowly taking priority in production as things begin to come to a close.
If you haven’t checked it out yet, listen to the podcast.  About two weeks ago, some of the cast and crew were invited to be interviewed in Omaha to discuss the filmmaking process with the people at Worlds of Wayne.  The podcast can be listened to here… - episode number 70.

Week 7 – Leaving the Widerness Behind

October 30, 2008

mark-deb-kitchenIndoor shooting has begun as a little over half the shooting has been completed.  This weekend was spent almost exclusively in Dorothy’s house to the delight of her husband.  I am only being slightly sarcastic.

Despite weary and fatigued cast and crew, shooting moved late into the night on Saturday.  One powerful, emotional scene was shot in the kitchen in which Deb and Mark, her brother played by Martin Kenna, argue over sickness and what Mark has been doing in Wilderness Park.  The scene quickly escalates to screaming and slamming chairs which caused most of us to quietly observe, open-mouthed.  Stephanie and Martin’s performance had such an emotional impact on me already and it will only do more when viewed in entirety within the film.  Chad approved with “Damn! That was good!”

rose-making-martinI could tell that the physically and emotionally demanding weekends are beginning to take its toll on Rachel, Karis and Rose who spent much of the morning curled up in blankets, sleeping on the couches.

This weekend also brought Barb Elias on set for her first weekend of shooting playing Deb’s mother.  Barb has had plenty of experience acting in theatre at Midland College and several theatres in Omaha and Austin, Texas.  Coming several hours before she was actually in a scene, Barb says that she loves hanging out on set and just having a good time which is a shared quality in everyone working on this film.

Sunday was the first day I actually hung around for an entire day of shooting and I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  We were all having fun, cracking jokes, and, of course, filming a movie.  I could tell that everyone was there sacrificing time to do something they loved.  It’s such a great environment and can only be experienced being on set with these people.

Last week, some of the cast and crew were invited to be interviewed in Omaha to discuss the filmmaking process with the people at Worlds of Wayne.  The podcast can be listened to here… - episode number 70.