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No Time to Waste! Full Cast Comes to Lincoln

August 28, 2008

Director Dorothy Booraem shares the schedule with crew         Cast and Crew read the script for Wake the Witch

The cast was informed just four days ago and already they’ve come together for the first full read through of Wake the Witch. The entire cast showed up at director Dorothy Booraem’s home for the read.

Dorothy wanted the cast to have a chance to meet and chat with one another as this may be the only time many of them would ever be in the same room with eachother for the rest of the production. Jackie Geist, WTW’s costumer, also took the opportunity to talk with each actor and size them all up for wardrobe.

Chad Haufschild, director of photography, took a moment to describe the visual philosophy of the picture describing it as a “Japanese horror movie made by a bunch of Americans,” letting the action in front of the camera compose the shot. He stressed the need for the cast to come prepared with the days lines as many of the scene may be a single camera setup.

Dorothy was humbled by the excitement and praise given about the script. Many cast members commented on the tension they felt as they read and the natural passing of the dialogue. “I want the fear to come from what the audience thinks might happen,” Dorothy said, “more so than what is happening.”

The Cast is Set

August 25, 2008

Wow! What a great experience for the WTW production staff. Auditions went off with out a hitch and a lot of great talent came through the doors. The staff would like to thank all the actors that came out to audition. The Nebraska Film Group, Omaha, also deserves a great big thank you for their support and marketing.

Callbacks were held directly after the Lincoln auditions on August 23rd. Eighteen talented actors had to be narrowed down to eight. To see who made the cut check out the Cast page.

open-callbacks     Rachel-and-Bryan

The Pieces Fall into Place

August 14, 2008

As pre-production continues it’s hard not to feel anxious. Anxious because things are going well, maybe too well!

We’re excited to have some great people jump aboard this crazy train. Jaclyn Geist, owner of local business The Black Market, has joined the crew and has donating five hundred dollars worth of clothing, shoes and accessories, as well as her time, to costume the lead characters in Wake the Witch. Ana Sterns has agreed to take on much of the grassroots maketing through the production. This is a huge addition to our humble staff, relieving the producers of what is sure to be a heavy load. Rose Staley has also joined the production as FX makeup artist, an essential for every horror film.

The quest for finacing has also begun. UE hopes to raise several thousand dollars to cover hard costs during production and post. Raising money is never easy and most creative types cringe at the thought. Wish us luck and we’ll keep you up to date on the financial front.

Casting begins this coming Saturday, August 16th in Omaha and next weekend the 23rd in Lincoln. We’ll let you know how it goes. If you’re interested in auditioning please see our Cast page.

More later!