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Week 3 and the Perils of Independent Filmmaking

September 30, 2008

Hoodies Everywhere!               Talking Through the Scene

My name is Steven Speicher and I am in my second year at UNL majoring in Film Studies. I find myself privileged to be blogging for this wonderful cast and crew. I will be spending a few hours a week on set taking notes and interviewing the cast and crew to bring you updates on the production of Wake the Witch. Although, I have no experience being on any set, but have loved films for quite some time, I look forward to being around all the satisfaction and frustration that comes along with filmmaking.

My first day, Saturday the 20th, began early, biking it to Dorothy’s at 7:00am. I began with meeting some of the staff. Rose Staley, coming off success in L.A. working under Kenny Myers, is the makeup artist found through a local friend at Fringe and Tassel. She is excited to be heading up the makeup design for the entire production. Sadly, there was frustration within the first 30 minutes of the day. Rose’s makeup kit was left in the car where some of the gel melted and seeped through the entire box restricting access to some now ‘glued’ shut drawers. Fortunately, quick thinking brought upon a hair dryer and the process was reversed to the delight of the mid-makeup Hoodies.

After some consolidation and preparation, we carpooled out to Wilderness Park for the 3rd weekend of outdoor shooting. The day began cool, but around midday temperatures rose. “I was glad to start early…and pissed”

said intern Joel after recalling his early awakening. Despite fatigue, there was quite a bit that got done on a rigid timeline.

The day focused on a few pickup shots and a reshoot of Karen’s takedown and dragging scene. After a minor prop drop, we proceeded with a newly found tire iron without too much lost time. The morning moved along with the Hoodies in full grotesque makeup. Luckily, there were no passer-byers concerned by Karis’ chilling screams. I know some of us feared an unexpected and unintended 911 call. The rest of production looks exciting and I anticipate some more enjoyable experiences.

First Weekend of Shooting In the Can!

September 9, 2008

The cast and crew, tired but happy, completed the first weekend of shooting entirely in Lincoln’s Wilderness Park at 7pm Sunday evening, September 7th. The production managed to dodge the rain over the weekend and completed 20 scenes including some of the more technically complex car interiors and dream sequences.

The performances by Stefanie Tapio, Karis Yanike, and Rachel Lien made the script come alive. “They gave me goose bumps in auditions,” explained DP Chad Haufschild, “and I got them again all weekend long.”

“They were so amazing!” said Director Dorothy Booraem. “I loved it. They brought so much to the characters and were so willing to experiment. I hope they felt as good about it as I did.”

After two days, twelve hours a day, eveyone was tired and a little punchy nearing the end of Sunday. The jokes got more stupid and the laughter lingered a little longer between shots. But spirits stayed high through the two days.

The first few days are always the hardest. Everyone is still learning how the others like to work and communicate. By the end of the first day that short-hand had already begun to develop. Looking forward things look very promising.