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Week 8 – Cigarettes and Rock Stars

October 30, 2008

brent-and-debHell weekend is over and “we are a good three fourths through shooting,” said Chad this weekend.  “If it wasn’t for nicotine and energy drinks, I couldn’t do this,” he said about the 17 hour Saturday, 14 hour Sunday and 8 hour Monday.  Weekends get shorter from here on out which is a relief for everyone.

Saturday was unique in that the entire day was spent in a small apartment rented for the weekend.  Keep your eye out for the secret Dalí poster.  It was certainly deliberate.  Caffeine and energy drinks were dispersed early in the morning in preparation.  Jeremy Gillmore spent most of the weekend in Lincoln playing Brent, Mark’s roommate and Deb’s new interest.  Jeremy (Happy) has ample experience in theatre and was eager for filming.

slatingSunday was another long day spent at several different places.  And of course, the infamous make-out scene was completed Sunday night.  Monday was a return to Dorothy’s house.  Special effects are slowly taking priority in production as things begin to come to a close.
If you haven’t checked it out yet, listen to the podcast.  About two weeks ago, some of the cast and crew were invited to be interviewed in Omaha to discuss the filmmaking process with the people at Worlds of Wayne.  The podcast can be listened to here… - episode number 70.

Week 7 – Leaving the Widerness Behind

October 30, 2008

mark-deb-kitchenIndoor shooting has begun as a little over half the shooting has been completed.  This weekend was spent almost exclusively in Dorothy’s house to the delight of her husband.  I am only being slightly sarcastic.

Despite weary and fatigued cast and crew, shooting moved late into the night on Saturday.  One powerful, emotional scene was shot in the kitchen in which Deb and Mark, her brother played by Martin Kenna, argue over sickness and what Mark has been doing in Wilderness Park.  The scene quickly escalates to screaming and slamming chairs which caused most of us to quietly observe, open-mouthed.  Stephanie and Martin’s performance had such an emotional impact on me already and it will only do more when viewed in entirety within the film.  Chad approved with “Damn! That was good!”

rose-making-martinI could tell that the physically and emotionally demanding weekends are beginning to take its toll on Rachel, Karis and Rose who spent much of the morning curled up in blankets, sleeping on the couches.

This weekend also brought Barb Elias on set for her first weekend of shooting playing Deb’s mother.  Barb has had plenty of experience acting in theatre at Midland College and several theatres in Omaha and Austin, Texas.  Coming several hours before she was actually in a scene, Barb says that she loves hanging out on set and just having a good time which is a shared quality in everyone working on this film.

Sunday was the first day I actually hung around for an entire day of shooting and I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  We were all having fun, cracking jokes, and, of course, filming a movie.  I could tell that everyone was there sacrificing time to do something they loved.  It’s such a great environment and can only be experienced being on set with these people.

Last week, some of the cast and crew were invited to be interviewed in Omaha to discuss the filmmaking process with the people at Worlds of Wayne.  The podcast can be listened to here… - episode number 70.

Week 6 – Busted!

October 15, 2008

BUSTED!           Karen's father filled with rage

Luckily, Day 10 went without rain as the outdoor production begins to come to a close.  Sunday was a fuller day than the previous week in preparation for Chad’s return.  This morning, we watched the Hoodie tribute which was surely entertaining.  “Greg did some excellent work putting it together,” said Dorothy.  The rest of the morning was spent in West Lincoln at Karen’s house.

In a continued struggle, similar to that of last week, Dorothy had to defend the crew, but this time from the local authorities.  At the house, it was apparent the locals were concerned for their neighbor’s house and an anonymous call alerted the police.  Dorothy once again had to exercise her negotiating skills and guaranteed the cop that the filming received approval from the home owners who were conveniently out at the time.  Crisis averted.

We continued to film the scene in which Karen escapes her house from her father.  Mike, a friend of Pete’s, played the father and delivered a frighteningly angry part.  All of us could only put ourselves in the shoes of the fleeing daughter and that prospect was certainly terrifying.  “I don’t really yell at my kids,” Mike assured us.  He was great.

The scenes at Karen’s house took quite a bit longer than expected due to all the camera setups and problems.  We had to push back a scene until after lunch and move on through the day at Wilderness Park, South East Community College, and Rose’s apartment.

Week 5 – Life with the Neighbors

October 12, 2008

Biohazard at Trixie'sThis was a very light weekend.  Chad is out of the country in Mexico for his honeymoon, so Greg took over the cinematography for the lone Sunday.

Dorothy showed her gift for diplomacy when a concerned neighbor rushed on to the morning’s location. She expertly defused the situation explaining that the group was not a roaming gang of vandals but an independent film crew. It should be part of the filmmakers’ code, “First take the blame then try to explain.”


Deb drives by Trixie'sThe minimal crew had to battle the wind and outside noise at various places around downtown Lincoln, but, otherwise, it was a relaxed afternoon.  Outside shooting is nearing a close as everyone looks ahead towards the indoors.

Earlier in the week, Chad was able to put together a few rough cuts of a party scene and a scene in the woods.  “I’m really happy with how they turned out,” said Dorothy.  The scenes give a little taste of what is to come and make the project seem all the more real.

Next week is short as well, but the day is looking to be full.

Week 4 – Parking Lots and Porches

October 2, 2008

Stefanie and Bryan

Day 7 started off in Wilderness Park.  The morning looked at getting a few shots with extras made up of friends and neighbors.  This allowed for some down time in which there was much conversation ranging from travel plans to finding buried thongs.  Being that there so many people around that morning, there were several rounds of musical cars played to empty the next shot.  The shots were taken and were certainly creepy, but what were even creepier were the buzzards circling over head all morning.  Who knows what was dead out there?


Dt. Lawerance Confronts DebThe afternoon brought us to Dorothy’s husband’s factory where Eric, played by Bryan McClure, works.  A Creighton graduate, Bryan has been in several other productions this year.  He has plans to move to L.A. next year to further his acting career while continuing to work from home.  The scenes at the factory also used a few extras who were actual employees returning to work out of the goodness of their heart.

The scenes at the factory received a lot of directorial attention from Dorothy.  They were key scenes in the relationship between Deb and Eric and needed that extra touch of direction.  Plenty of takes were done in order to get the perfect amount of detail.

My day ended with lunch at the factory, but shooting continued through
the evening at Dorothy’s house and Pete’s house to get a few exterior shots.