Week 8 – Cigarettes and Rock Stars

brent-and-debHell weekend is over and “we are a good three fourths through shooting,” said Chad this weekend.  “If it wasn’t for nicotine and energy drinks, I couldn’t do this,” he said about the 17 hour Saturday, 14 hour Sunday and 8 hour Monday.  Weekends get shorter from here on out which is a relief for everyone.

Saturday was unique in that the entire day was spent in a small apartment rented for the weekend.  Keep your eye out for the secret Dalí poster.  It was certainly deliberate.  Caffeine and energy drinks were dispersed early in the morning in preparation.  Jeremy Gillmore spent most of the weekend in Lincoln playing Brent, Mark’s roommate and Deb’s new interest.  Jeremy (Happy) has ample experience in theatre and was eager for filming.

slatingSunday was another long day spent at several different places.  And of course, the infamous make-out scene was completed Sunday night.  Monday was a return to Dorothy’s house.  Special effects are slowly taking priority in production as things begin to come to a close.
If you haven’t checked it out yet, listen to the podcast.  About two weeks ago, some of the cast and crew were invited to be interviewed in Omaha to discuss the filmmaking process with the people at Worlds of Wayne.  The podcast can be listened to here…

http://worldsofwayne.com/ - episode number 70.