Week 9 – In the Bedroom

It’s the weekend after Halloween and we got Saturday off to rest, recuperate and relax.  Chad was able to review some footage and found the first tape glitch of production.  Luckily, only one scene was affected and can be easily reshot this next weekend.

Sunday, we started in the evening and began by sharing all our Halloween stories and describing some of the costumes we saw and/or wore.  Since this is a horror film, one can only assume Halloween is a shared interest among the cast and crew.  You may assume correctly.

We were almost exclusively in Deb’s bedroom at Dorothy’s house trying to cram as many bodies, cameras, cranes and dolly tracks into a room that only allows for a few of these things.  After the long weekend, though, frustration was far from the set and the mood was light, and filled with jokes.

Production is nearly done and there are only a small fraction of scenes left utilizing the talented make-up artist, Rose, and some craftily made special effect sets.  The final witch wall is in the works and will be completed in a few weeks.  Keep a look out for the closing weeks.