Week 10 – Against the Wall

The witch and the witch wall were completed during the week over in Jared’s garage.  We spent Saturday hauling everything over to the basement of Bison Welding where the final scenes are to be filmed.  The haul required three trucks and plenty of planning to make sure nothing was left behind.  Of course we were able to have some fun as the witch rode shotgun in Greg’s car to the horrified stares of passer-byers.

The rest of the day was spent in the basement building and dressing the set.  The objective was to get everything set up Saturday afternoon so filming could take place Sunday morning.  We only catch a glimpse of the witch and wall in Sunday shooting so details of set decoration are going to be finished this week.

Sunday we filmed two scenes through the basement with Stefanie.  A horror film is just being asked to be filmed down here the crew joked.  Giant steel bars and contraptions with old crumbling brick walls and stone floors made up the basement.

With Sunday completed, there is only one weekend left before production is finished.  Planning special effects were the object of much of the conversations as Chad made an executive decision that he is more than thrilled about.  The anticipation and excitement for next weekend runs thick through the cast and crew.