That’s a Wrap!

Principle shooting was completed Sunday the 23rd of November!  There was screaming, running around and picture taking.  The basement of Bison was completely struck and if anyone went down there Monday, they would never even know we were there.

The week prepping for the final shoot was spent at Jared’s again getting some of the set polished up.  Shooting both Saturday and Sunday took place in the basement of Bison Welding where the set was completely dressed with cob webs and metal scraping everywhere.  The whole set was wonderfully done.  Lights were out the entire time and the murky basement helped create an atmosphere suitable for the acting.

Chad mentioned a slight nervousness for the final shooting, but everything went very smoothly.  Sunday utilized the newly acquired green screen suits.  Yours truly was one selected to wear such an absurd costume.  Dillon, Joel and I had a great time in the suits and, after seeing some pictures, agree it turned out great.

So I have spent about the last three months blogging for Wake the Witch.  I often stood near the sidelines taking things in, watching relationships form and documenting an independent film through production, the job of a blogger.  Inevitably, I have been pulled deeper into this project than I originally anticipated.  I have met some wonderful people and I hope assisted in the minor ways that I was able to.  I have had so much fun and challenge anyone to work on a project like this with people like this and do otherwise.  This was a wonderful experience and I wish everyone luck with future filmmaking endeavors!

I cannot wait to see this film!