First Weekend of Shooting In the Can!

The cast and crew, tired but happy, completed the first weekend of shooting entirely in Lincoln’s Wilderness Park at 7pm Sunday evening, September 7th. The production managed to dodge the rain over the weekend and completed 20 scenes including some of the more technically complex car interiors and dream sequences.

The performances by Stefanie Tapio, Karis Yanike, and Rachel Lien made the script come alive. “They gave me goose bumps in auditions,” explained DP Chad Haufschild, “and I got them again all weekend long.”

“They were so amazing!” said Director Dorothy Booraem. “I loved it. They brought so much to the characters and were so willing to experiment. I hope they felt as good about it as I did.”

After two days, twelve hours a day, eveyone was tired and a little punchy nearing the end of Sunday. The jokes got more stupid and the laughter lingered a little longer between shots. But spirits stayed high through the two days.

The first few days are always the hardest. Everyone is still learning how the others like to work and communicate. By the end of the first day that short-hand had already begun to develop. Looking forward things look very promising.