Week 4 – Parking Lots and Porches

Stefanie and Bryan

Day 7 started off in Wilderness Park.  The morning looked at getting a few shots with extras made up of friends and neighbors.  This allowed for some down time in which there was much conversation ranging from travel plans to finding buried thongs.  Being that there so many people around that morning, there were several rounds of musical cars played to empty the next shot.  The shots were taken and were certainly creepy, but what were even creepier were the buzzards circling over head all morning.  Who knows what was dead out there?


Dt. Lawerance Confronts DebThe afternoon brought us to Dorothy’s husband’s factory where Eric, played by Bryan McClure, works.  A Creighton graduate, Bryan has been in several other productions this year.  He has plans to move to L.A. next year to further his acting career while continuing to work from home.  The scenes at the factory also used a few extras who were actual employees returning to work out of the goodness of their heart.

The scenes at the factory received a lot of directorial attention from Dorothy.  They were key scenes in the relationship between Deb and Eric and needed that extra touch of direction.  Plenty of takes were done in order to get the perfect amount of detail.

My day ended with lunch at the factory, but shooting continued through
the evening at Dorothy’s house and Pete’s house to get a few exterior shots.