Week 5 – Life with the Neighbors

Biohazard at Trixie'sThis was a very light weekend.  Chad is out of the country in Mexico for his honeymoon, so Greg took over the cinematography for the lone Sunday.

Dorothy showed her gift for diplomacy when a concerned neighbor rushed on to the morning’s location. She expertly defused the situation explaining that the group was not a roaming gang of vandals but an independent film crew. It should be part of the filmmakers’ code, “First take the blame then try to explain.”


Deb drives by Trixie'sThe minimal crew had to battle the wind and outside noise at various places around downtown Lincoln, but, otherwise, it was a relaxed afternoon.  Outside shooting is nearing a close as everyone looks ahead towards the indoors.

Earlier in the week, Chad was able to put together a few rough cuts of a party scene and a scene in the woods.  “I’m really happy with how they turned out,” said Dorothy.  The scenes give a little taste of what is to come and make the project seem all the more real.

Next week is short as well, but the day is looking to be full.