Week 6 – Busted!

BUSTED!           Karen's father filled with rage

Luckily, Day 10 went without rain as the outdoor production begins to come to a close.  Sunday was a fuller day than the previous week in preparation for Chad’s return.  This morning, we watched the Hoodie tribute which was surely entertaining.  “Greg did some excellent work putting it together,” said Dorothy.  The rest of the morning was spent in West Lincoln at Karen’s house.

In a continued struggle, similar to that of last week, Dorothy had to defend the crew, but this time from the local authorities.  At the house, it was apparent the locals were concerned for their neighbor’s house and an anonymous call alerted the police.  Dorothy once again had to exercise her negotiating skills and guaranteed the cop that the filming received approval from the home owners who were conveniently out at the time.  Crisis averted.

We continued to film the scene in which Karen escapes her house from her father.  Mike, a friend of Pete’s, played the father and delivered a frighteningly angry part.  All of us could only put ourselves in the shoes of the fleeing daughter and that prospect was certainly terrifying.  “I don’t really yell at my kids,” Mike assured us.  He was great.

The scenes at Karen’s house took quite a bit longer than expected due to all the camera setups and problems.  We had to push back a scene until after lunch and move on through the day at Wilderness Park, South East Community College, and Rose’s apartment.