Week 7 – Leaving the Widerness Behind

mark-deb-kitchenIndoor shooting has begun as a little over half the shooting has been completed.  This weekend was spent almost exclusively in Dorothy’s house to the delight of her husband.  I am only being slightly sarcastic.

Despite weary and fatigued cast and crew, shooting moved late into the night on Saturday.  One powerful, emotional scene was shot in the kitchen in which Deb and Mark, her brother played by Martin Kenna, argue over sickness and what Mark has been doing in Wilderness Park.  The scene quickly escalates to screaming and slamming chairs which caused most of us to quietly observe, open-mouthed.  Stephanie and Martin’s performance had such an emotional impact on me already and it will only do more when viewed in entirety within the film.  Chad approved with “Damn! That was good!”

rose-making-martinI could tell that the physically and emotionally demanding weekends are beginning to take its toll on Rachel, Karis and Rose who spent much of the morning curled up in blankets, sleeping on the couches.

This weekend also brought Barb Elias on set for her first weekend of shooting playing Deb’s mother.  Barb has had plenty of experience acting in theatre at Midland College and several theatres in Omaha and Austin, Texas.  Coming several hours before she was actually in a scene, Barb says that she loves hanging out on set and just having a good time which is a shared quality in everyone working on this film.

Sunday was the first day I actually hung around for an entire day of shooting and I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  We were all having fun, cracking jokes, and, of course, filming a movie.  I could tell that everyone was there sacrificing time to do something they loved.  It’s such a great environment and can only be experienced being on set with these people.

Last week, some of the cast and crew were invited to be interviewed in Omaha to discuss the filmmaking process with the people at Worlds of Wayne.  The podcast can be listened to here… http://worldsofwayne.com/ - episode number 70.