Staff and Crew

The Production Company:

Unfiltered Entertainment, Inc. (UE) began in 2006 as a privately owned Nebraska corporation with a mission to create original entertainment content for theatrical, home video, cable television, IPTV, the Internet, and mobile device distribution.  Their low-budget, independent approach to creating original content and the abundance of local talent in Nebraska makes the UE production model possible.

Dorothy Booraem, Writer/Producer/Director

Wake the Witch was the first feature Dorothy directed and produced.  She wrote the script over the spring and summer of 2008 after a synopsis about aliens and the Masonic order went horribly awry.  Production on Witch started in August of 2008 and wrapped in November. Wake the Witch premiered at the Ross Film Theatre in Lincoln, Nebraska in November 2009 and was picked up for video on demand distribution in February of 2010 as Awaken the Witch.  In September 2010 Wake the Witch was picked up for DVD and web-streaming distribution.  Dorothy’s favorite memories of Wake the Witch are: the cast breakfasts at her house every weekend morning, the shoot days in Wilderness Park and basking in the creative glow of all the artists that worked on the project.

Chad Haufschild, Producer/Director of Photography

Wake the Witch is Chad’s second feature film and he brought all the lessons he learned from his first production to this project. As Director of Photography, Chad worked closely with the director to create the visual style of the film. Chad also worked as lead editor and created a unique workflow that allowed Chad and Dorothy to collaborate during the editing process. Chad often talks about “the witch’s curse,” referring to the strange equipment malfunctions that would occur while shooting in Wilderness Park. These malfunctions would stop the moment they left the woods.

Andrew Johnson, Producer/Legal/Production Audio/FX

Wake the Witch was Andrew’s second feature producer experience.  This time he wore more hats, acting as prop wrangler and location sound engineer during production, and visual effects artist during post-production.  What Andrew remembers most from Wake the Witch was the constant balancing act between his day job and his dreams.

Pete Lipins, Producer/Production Design/FX

Pete’s first feature film, Killer, premiered in Lincoln, NE, in June 2008. His credits in the local filmmaking community also include acting, camera work, props department and production design. Pete brings the underground sensibilities of the garage band to the filmmaking process. A philosophy of raw energy, creativity, experimentation, and collaboration makes Pete a great asset to the production process.

Rose Staley, Makeup Designer/FX Makeup/FX

After developing a passion for makeup in the Lincoln High School theatre department, Rose moved to Los Angeles in 2006 upon graduation to work with award winning makeup artist Kenny Myers. She assisted Kenny in his FX lab for such projects as Hugh Jackman’s promotional tour for The PrestigeCharlie Wilson’s War, and the Back to the Future Direct TV commercial. She was also involved in the creation of prosthetics for actor Xander Berkeley for use in the International Makeup Artist Tradeshow ’07, and attended the Makeup Designory in Burbank CA. Wake the Witch is now an exciting first step as the makeup designer for an entire production!

Jaclyn Geist, Costume Design

Jaclyn Geist was born and raised in Lincoln, NE; she came from “both sides of track”, the farmers and the bureaucrats. She had been exposed to all lifestyles of design from an early age; her grandmothers, quilters and seamstresses and her mother, an interior designer. She began sewing at an early age and realized her passion for design after traveling the world and opening her own store, The Black Market. Since then Jaclyn has designed for numerous fashion shows, taught sewing for an after-school program, created her own bedding line and she continues to expand her enterprise with two shoe stores, The Public, opening real soon. In her free time she enjoys learning Spanish and designing wedding dresses.

James Oliva, Composer

James Oliva has been playing, writing and performing music since the age of 10, however, for James, the opportunity to write the music for “Wake The Witch” was a first of it’s kind. Currently located just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, James attends Middle Tennessee State University, majoring in the Recording Industry. He operates a recording studio, The Music Office, and a publishing company, The Music Office Midwest, writes, records, and scores sound for picture and theatre, and continues to perform with musical groups all over Tennessee.